Vitamin C

vitamin c deficiency

Why is Vitamin C important?

Vitamin C is especially important for a healthy and youthful skin. This is because Vitamin C is required to make collagen (the most abundant protein in the body) which is basically a glue that holds everything together. Collagen gives skin it’s elasticity and improves joint health.

What canĀ Vitamin C deficiency cause?

Vitamin C deficiency is rare. Hundreds of years ago, however, when sailors were on the sea for a long time, sometimes they started having fatigue, bleeding of gums, falling out teeth, and pain in joints and muscles. This condition is now known as scurvy – a deficiency in Vitamin C. When they found out what caused it, or more specifically, something which was necessary to prevent it, they started taking fresh fruits and vegetables with them. Keep in mind that scurvy is an extreme case of Vitamin C deficiency. Even a little amount of Vitamin C warns off scurvy. Many people could, however, use a little more Vitamin C to improve their health which you can read about in the last chapter.

What foods contain Vitamin C?

Like Vitamin D is known as a sunshine vitamin, people connect Vitamin C with oranges. And for a good reason. One medium size orange (70 mg) contains 117% daily value of Vitamin C. Other Vitamin C rich food sources are other fruits such as red pepper (yes, it’s a fruit), grapefruit juice and kiwifruit.

Is supplementing with Vitamin C necessary?

As seen above, it’s easy to get enough Vitamin C from just food alone to meet all the basic needs by the body. However, supplementing with Vitamin C might give you an extra boost for collagen production and therefore for a better skin.

I take this tablet twice a day (morning and evening) with food:


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